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Julia Roberts Could Learn a Lot From Kim Kardashian {PopEater}

Aug 16th 2010 12:08PM

This has to be the dumbest article I have ever read. First of all, "Eat, Pray, Love" wasn't "crushed" by "Expendables" - I know in my local theater, EPL only got one screen and "Expendables" got at least two. EPL had the fans of the book - a bestseller that's inspired readers to go on their own soul-searching trips - as a base, a base that included a few different demographics.
And when has Julia Roberts said she wishes she would get more press? That's why she moved to New Mexico, so she would be left alone!
And apostrophes don't make plurals, Rob Shuter. If your content is going to be pointless, you should at least have impeccable grammar.

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