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Jon's Pals: 'Kate Will Never Take Responsibility' {PopEater}

Dec 2nd 2010 1:55PM

If Khate is so concerned with her kids, and only does what she does for her kids, why doesn't she get them off TV, let them have what's left of their childhood and get back to somewhat of a normal life? Khate got what she wanted out of her kids...her huge home (remember "mine all MINE!!"? Oh that's right-the house was bought for "the kids"), her body-altering surgeries, media attention, TV show(s), etc. But what has she lost in the process? Her marriage, family, friends, and eventually her children will be long gone. She'll have someone a lot more important than "us" to answer to someday for her actions....

Kate Gosselin at Emmys: Lookin' for a Job (and a Man) {PopEater}

Aug 30th 2010 11:19AM

C'mon!! Kate IS a good actress! She "acts" like she's a good mom and she "acts" like she is concerned about her kids! As soon as TLC stops footing the bill for her to show up at events that are out of her league, and stops paying the one pap to hang out in her hometown, she'll fade from her imagined limelight....

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