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Laurence Fishburne and Kim Kardashian Keep Their Distance at Emmys {PopEater}

Aug 31st 2010 1:14PM

Are you stupid? Did you not read what I said? You can not blame other people for the mistakes you choose to make in your life. It's not right and it isnt fair! First off douche, I have a daughter and it is my responsibility to teach her right from wrong. I have to teach her that even though she might be a huge fan of a celebrity and they end up doing something stupid(because lets face it, we are all human and sometimes we do and say really stupid things, like yourself Chaz) we as individuals,have to think before we act, and be responsible for our own actions. If your idol went and jumped off a bridge head first into a pile of rocks, would you do it too Chaz? I think not!( I dunno, you might lol) All Im saying is, we have to think for ourselves. Teaching your children right from wrong is what you must do as a parent. Now they will make mistakes because its just life,nobody's perfect. All I was trying to say is that Lawerence shouldnt blame Kim for what his daughter chooses to do. Point blank.. Hopefully this time you understand and if not oh well, eat a fishstick and choke on it lol (Just kidding) have a great day

Laurence Fishburne and Kim Kardashian Keep Their Distance at Emmys {PopEater}

Aug 31st 2010 12:32PM

I dont know why Lawerence Fishburne wants to get mad and avoid Kim Kardashian, because of a decision made by his daugther. Why do we always want to blame other for our own mistakes? If he wants to blame anyone, maybe he should blame it on bad parenting. If he wants to be angry, be angry at the person who is making the poor choice... your daughter!!! Let's stop blaming other for the mistakes we make in life. Look at yourself and fix your own problems!!!

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