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Charlie Sheen Voluntarily Enters Rehab; 'Two and a Half Men' on Hiatus {PopEater}

Jan 28th 2011 11:17AM

Just another example of too much greed. This is a bad example for kids who think you get chance after chance to screw up and not have any consequences. If people stopped watching that show he'd be in rehab by now.

Report: Reggie Bush to Have Heisman Trophy Stripped {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Sep 7th 2010 5:26PM

So, you can still you can kill your wife and her friend and keep the Heisman, but .... no cheating!

I Hate That My Kids Hate 'Dora the Explorer' {ParentDish}

Aug 15th 2010 12:47AM

Yuk! Even my two year old granddaughters know it isn't nice or decent to say you are going to "beat" someone. I hope you are kidding and not really saying things like that to small children.

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