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Gary Harrington of Oregon Jailed for Illegal Rainwater Reservoirs on His Property {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 13th 2012 5:38PM

should have given the state some kind of kickback like they do here in nutsville, california,....

Director Antonio Calenda Sues Ex-Lover Natasha Diamond-Walker Over $800,000 Apartment 'Loan' {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 8th 2012 4:38PM

must be a obamba supporter....they are the only ilk who want something for nothing and then dont want to give it back after they get it....yep has to be an obamba supporter....freeloading moochers all of them....

Jennifer Aniston Sheer-ly Shows It All Off (Photo) {PopEater}

Jun 24th 2011 7:34PM

yea!!!! i'd spread them soft legs in my bed ANYTIME!!!!!

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