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Jon Stewart Jokes About Rick Sanchez Controversy {PopEater}

Oct 3rd 2010 3:35PM

LOL-Like any of you "Fake News Viewers" even WATCH Rick on "CNN!" You just dispise Jon Stewart because he shouts back at the crazy Right.

Report: Lindsay Lohan Has Entered Rehab Again {PopEater}

Sep 28th 2010 4:41PM

Why do they even BOTHER to arrest her????

Lindsay Lohan Is Out of Jail {PopEater}

Sep 25th 2010 1:11PM

Why do they bother even arresting her anymore?? The Judges don't enforce the Law with her that they would you and I.

She doesn't have to follow the law according to the Judges. Quit wasting Police time and Tax payers money!! What a bunch of crap. . .

What is the point of arresting her????

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