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Facebook 'Smut List' Takes Cyberbullying to a Whole New Level -- So Why Isn't It a Crime? {MyDaily}

Mar 22nd 2011 6:16PM

Some people just need to grow up and stop this childish BS, parents need to pay more attention to what their kids are doing online. Another thing the the consquences for this sort of thing is not severe enough. When its discovered what kids are behind this, their parents should be fined heavily and their accounts cancelled. Too many parents use computers as babysitters and to keep the kids quiet and out of their hair. There are programs out there where a parent can monitor what their kids are doing online and where they are going online. Too many parents are too busy trying to be friends with their kids instead of being their parents. The punishments for bullying far to lenient by the parents and by the schools. Kids dont report it for fear of it getting worst. Many kids need to learn NOT to be followers for fear that the bullies will start in on them. Bullies are nothing but scared little punks who hunt in packs. As a mother my kids are taught to stand up for theirselves verbally and physically, and if there is a pack then they come to me, they have older brothers and sisters who put a stop to it quick fast and in a hurry. Sometimes u just have to fight fire with fire, when u have exhausted all other avenues.

Kanye West Gives Impromptu Performance on Delta Flight {AOL Travel News}

Nov 9th 2010 8:25AM

Is there nothing this guy wont do to let his presence be known. He suffers from "little man" syndrome. GO AWAY LITTLE MAN JUST GO AWAY.

Opinion: Sometimes, It's OK to Let Your Kid Be Bullied {ParentDish}

Oct 23rd 2010 8:52AM

it is never ok to allow a child to be bullied, being a retired teacher, it affects negatively that child's learning process, it affects a child mentally, emotionally,physically,psychological. No parent should ever allow such a thing. The schools need to make that very clear to the students and parents that the school takes a No Tolerance policy on bullying and inform the students and parents from the very beginning what will happen should this occur even once, not 2x not 3x just once. As we know kids have committed suicide because of bullying. I never had a problem with that kind of behavior because all my students knew from the beginning the consequences.

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