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Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 20th 2013 2:03AM

Are you familiar with something called building codes? They are also called regulations and they vary as written, moron. Have you ever visited San Francisco? European cities? God, I hope you have not reproduced.

New Fee for Front-Row Seats on American {AOL Travel News}

Aug 19th 2010 12:56AM

The only thing more offensive than AA even offering this "service" is the insulting implication by Mr. Vahidi that this is a special service that people are begging for. His b.s. line is outrageous. I would be overjoyed if AA went bankrupt. I just flew Southwest for the first time in 30 years. It was not a giveaway price but there were no hidden fees and we were almost force fed unlimited munchies. I noticed that my fellow passengers were enjoying the flight as much as I was and the crew wore genuine smiles for the whole 5 hour flight. I have not returned home but have already booked another round trip flight with them. My former favorite was Continental but even they are now pandering.

Breast-Feeding Moms Protest Restaurant {ParentDish}

Jul 22nd 2010 2:50AM

Here we go again with the Puritian spawn. What is wrong with a child of ANY age seeing a woman breast feed? What is unnatural about it? It is neither erotic nor obscene. The woman should sue for emotional distress and donate her award to breast cancer research.

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