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HS Football Player Flagged for Taking Knee, Pointing Skyward After TD {Fanhouse Backporch}

Dec 2nd 2010 11:20AM

Will you pseudo intelluctuals give it a rest on the spelling and grammar? As long as you understand what the person is trying to convey, get over it! This isnt a highschool quiz, its a 'comments' board. All of us in the U.S.A. can still have an opinion and state it. If that bothers you, go find a ref to flag it. The ability to run spell check doesnt make your opinion better than someone less privileged,(educationally)in a hurry, or with a sticky keyboard. It's the CONTENT of your opinion that matters. jeesh...

Bristol Palin Apologizes for Sister Willow's Gay Slur {PopEater}

Nov 19th 2010 12:40AM

Hey! No need to insult hillbilly's! Altho I wouldnt mind seeing sarah face off in a real hunt with a 'hillbilly' and not a 'canned' and catered hunt. Those mountain folks account for every shot and take great pride in being able to shoot small game at long distances with just one shot. Killing animals by airplane/helicopter makes me ill! Butchers. And to brag like she's really done a good thing! I guess we should just be relieved her neck of the woods isnt heavily populated.The idea of the palins with guns would keep me awake nights if I were their neighbors.

Why I Secretly Wish I Were Dutch {Lemondrop}

Nov 18th 2010 11:40AM

Whoo-hoo! You tell'em! Hard truths for hard times! Keep saying it, Kevin! Its water in the desert to me! We are also fighting a war against corp media manip by the bloggers who are paid to visit comment boards and spew anti-union, anti anything that endangers corp profits and to frankly tear our Gov to pieces, And I dont know where the heck they come up with their 'poll' numbers??? Asking each other? I dont CARE if you like or dislike the past/current Prez, respect the damn office! When people allow the ugly, filthy, and oh, so ignorant! talk, it undermines us all and frankly makes us look so terrible as a people that its demoralizing. Dem, repub, its all OUR gov they need to work FOR US not against each other to protect and rebuild the USA. Theyre yelling 'watch out' while their fox is already raiding in our henhouse, the oldest con job on the planet. And, everyone needs to always ask themselves one old saw about media hype: follow the money! THAT answers why no legal pot, the huge corp pharm cash flow would take a huge hit!(no pun intended, lol!) Who else could afford those awful LONG commercials on tv?No, I'm not a user, but my bro is. He was in a terrible truck accident, and the meds he was given for pain and anxiety costs over $1700.00 a month, did little for his pain and had awful side effects. He would much rather smoke pot, but is denied that choice. He's a church going conserv. repub, by the way, who has had the wool ripped off his eyes about his party's crusade to 'reform' lawsuits. AKA, another way to screw the working man. Sorry, for getting off topic, ya got me fired up!

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