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Karen Perry Loses Three Kids, Ex-Husband and Now Home? {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 1st 2012 9:07AM

Her ex-husband and 3 children were all killed in the same private plane crash. She might be trying to save the house because she has so much money invested in it. This is a good example of how the banks are getting richer - repossession of a family home. As my mother would say, the RICH get RICHER and the poor get poorer.

'You Can't Push Barbara': Star Jones Talks Absence From 'The View' {PopEater}

Apr 8th 2011 2:28PM

Never watch Barbara Walters on any tv shows. She has no talent, not too smart. She is critical of others, very negative, loves digging up 'dirt' about people. Not really the brightest tv person. She really is impressed with herself... like alot of other tv celebrities. Star has a better personality then Barbara........

Nick Cannon: 'I'll Probably Faint in the Delivery Room' {PopEater}

Mar 25th 2011 10:47AM

~ I wish them much happiness with their babies. They seem like a wonderful couple and will certainly provide all that any child would need to succeed in life. Congratulatons!!! ~

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