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Beyonce: 'I Always Said I'd Have a Baby by 30. I'm 29' {PopEater}

Jun 28th 2011 2:59PM

What is wrong with being dark skinned? Sergio. You're a sad person with nothing to look forward to. At least Beyonce and Jay are making strides in their life and they do help others which is what God calls for us all to do.

Just happened to read this story b/c I thought she was announcing that she was expecting. Anyway, God bless everyone.....

Air Traffic Controller Asleep "Willfully," Babbit Tells Congress {AOL Travel News}

Apr 6th 2011 5:13PM

Who wants a sleepy controller to try to land a plane? Looking at all those twinkling panel lights on the control board while wiping the sleep out of their eyes and drool from their mouth. Even if they wake him up still an accident waiting to happen. If a pilot falls asleep while flying the plane or even if he is not focused or paying attention is just as bad. There should be a crew of four on a shift at all times working together in intervals so fatigue is less taxing on one person.

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