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Brandy Is 'Not Okay' Being Single {PopEater}

Dec 1st 2010 1:52PM

Yeah right. Every since she was on Oprah lying about being married to her baby daddy (if she didn't want to be a baby momma, why not just get married? Oh wait, he didn't ask).. I don't believe a word Brandy says. What about that pro-baller she was engaged to for a minute? They didn't have sex? Yeah right.

Joan Collins: Angelina Jolie Is Beautiful, Jennifer Aniston Isn't {PopEater}

Oct 12th 2010 8:55PM

I have to agree. Hollywood has made it such that good grooming can get you by but you don't really need to have a pretty face to make it. Jennifer Aniston has good grooming. Shiny hair, nice makeup, white teeth and a toned body makes her cute but she's not a pretty girl to me. I think there are several non-white actresses who are pretty though. Michelle Rodriguez, that chick from Modern Family, Nia Long, etc but the Anglo-looking All American beauty is a dying breed.

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