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Kids Find Body Under Trailer During Game of Hide-and-Seek {AOL Real Estate}

May 30th 2013 5:18PM

This is crazy, I would have thougt someone would have smelled that horrible odor, Huff leaves out so much detail, was the man found under his trailor? Was he not missed in the neighborhood? or missed by family? This article lacks alot of information, and IF the coroner was correct and he was drunk and fell and died from that, how would he have ended up under the trailor?

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable' {AOL Real Estate}

May 17th 2013 2:07PM

This really upsets me, not the smell but that a man lay dead in his apartment for atleast 3 weeks and noone noticed him gone or noone went and checked on him, to me this is so sad to know apparently he had family that never came and visited, folks if you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex and you know there are elderly people living there also, if you do not see them like usual, please go check on them!!!

Shantonia Heard of Atlanta Left Her 2 Children Alone With No Power and Gas Oven On, Police Say {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 8th 2012 3:50PM

wow you would think people would have COMMON SENSE, I hope she gets punished and hopefully learn a lesson but doubtful!!

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