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Beach Boys' 'Smile Sessions' Finally Set to Release in 2011 {Spinner}

Mar 11th 2011 10:36PM

Greatest Band ever, bar none!!!! Can't wait to FINALLY hear SMiLE the way it was supposed to be!! I just find it hard to swallow that Dennis & Carl, who fought to get the album finished, out, & supported Brian's vision won't get to see it finally relesed and reap the benefits. Yet Mike, and all the others who are to blame for it being shelved (& Brian's breakdown), are gonna get to see it released and be there to get the acclaim. It's just not right: (

Corey Feldman 'Gravely Disappointed' About Corey Haim Oscars Snub {PopEater}

Mar 2nd 2011 5:52PM

This is absolutely ridiculous!!! They knew full well after the SAGs Corey was forgotten. This was definitely not an oversight. You'd think someone who died so young makes it all the more tragic and that much more important to mention. Heath Ledger ODs and gets awarded with in Oscar (not even James Dean got that), yet Corey who battled back from addiction only to lose his life to pneumonia at the age of 38 gets that shaft. Something isn't right. Are they being biased? It always ticks me off that the younger people get a bigger applause than some of the legends because no one in Hollywood today knew them personally, yet most of them ran rings around todays "actors". Yet with Corey they do the exact opposite. AND WTF was up with the extra stuff for Lena Horne?!?!?! She definitely deserved mention but what makes her more important than all the others?!?! And they have time for that but none for Corey?!?! Tony Curtis was a way bigger/better actor and they didn't do that for him. Heck they didn't even do that for Paul Newman and he was ALOT more important to the acting world than Miss Horne. Definitely biased, rascist, etc. Something's wrong when they're disrespecting the deseased.

The whole Farrah snubs the same crap, though Farrah was more a tv actress hence more important she was in the Emmys Memoriam (which she was), Corey however was totally MOVIES and they snubbed him all together (he wasnt on the Emmy one and he shouldn't have been). So Corey did get more screwed than Farrah. They didn't mention David Nelson and he was in a movie or two and well as a member of one of Hollywood's most important families ever.

Adorable Keegan Roberts Dances on 'The Today Show' {PopEater}

Dec 9th 2010 3:35PM

That's what it's all about

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