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Rangers vs. Yankees: Texas Takes Down New York, Reaches First World Series {Fanhouse MLB Blog}

Oct 23rd 2010 12:16AM

Been a Yankee fan all my life - but hats off to Texas - they deserve it . Yanks fizzled out - and Texas dominated . Love Ron Washington and Nolan Ryan -- Texas deserves to be in their very 1st World Series . I'll ALWAYS love my Yankees - but Texas played hard and earned that series . Go get em' Texas !

Levi Johnston: I Don't Need to Be Qualified to Be Mayor {PopEater}

Oct 19th 2010 8:06AM

1st of all - THE VIEW is SUCH a stupid show hurting for guests - they'd invite " Weird AL Yancovich " on there - so they get Levi on there and practically laugh at his admission tha HE can be mayor - but gas no HS diploma . Bristol is a stunning , beautiful girl with a beautiful son - Levi neglects THAT -and In sure with Sarah as her mother - she'll make it prety hard for Levi to see the baby . To MOCK Bristol and the Palins in his pop video was low - leaving Bristol AGAINwas low - his Playgirl layout was repulssive ( don't worry - didn't see it ) -- NOW he wants to go to Wasilla and be Mayor ? Levi - if were you - I'd staty AWAY from Wasilla --Im sure Todd and his buddies are waiting for you . By the way Levi - Im sure your drug addict mamma is proud -- white trash .

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