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DIY Pool: How Brandon Gardiner and His Dad Built Their Own Backyard Oasis {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 15th 2012 9:10AM

There are names for people like you..Doubt these people were like you
They seem to enjoy doing projects and SHARING there work with friends

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Hamptons Rental (House of the Day) {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 1st 2012 8:18PM

Hate to be the one that is always with the different opin,but my take on
on these two,is that they both have GREAT careers.Besides MUSIC I know he is a part owner of a Pro sport team.Besides her singing career I believe she is also doing BROADWAY...
I know for certain they donate an awful lot to charity.So I guess what Im saying is they have there future mapped out and are very smart business people that have enough money to do whatever they want to..I say good for them!!! They seem like a great couple who are humble and dont hurt anyone

5 Ways to Tolerate Living With a Messy Person {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 31st 2012 8:41PM

Why does the last sentence end with "Ask your clutter bug to put/throw away five items each time HE exits a room."

The "SLOB" I live with is a SHE :-)

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