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Judge Dismisses Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife's Bid for 'Wall Street' Paycheck {PopEater}

Nov 15th 2010 5:17PM

2 Words, Golddigger, other 2 words Old Hag... Get a life...

Mel Gibson Says He Slapped, Not Punched, Oksana in a Fit of Hysteria {PopEater}

Nov 15th 2010 5:08PM

She got what she deserved you never get a baby and swing it around like a rag just because shes all mad at Mel, you people need to read the stories about her before making judgment on Mel, because that women is crazy and he's declaration on what he said was ok to slap her to knock some sense into her, you never like i said before use a child much less a baby to protect yourself or use the baby for your gains or just because you are mad lmao... Stupid women get a life, at the end God will send you to burn in hell... If people can't reason and think they can do whatever they want they will continue on doing it because theres no enforcement in the couples relationship, so stop bashing Mel only because he slapped her a couple times that s-h-i-t ain't news, worse people do much worser things then a slap. If you go on saying you never been slapped then your fos because everyone that gets out of line being a guy or girl gets a smack now and then!

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