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Maria Shriver: 'This Is a Painful and Heartbreaking Time' {PopEater}

May 17th 2011 4:20PM

arnold didnt do anything for the state of calif only to make us broke maria you need to move on you could do better he isnt a man and he isnt worth it to try to work things out and i think the maid or the other woman knew what she was doing when she beded arnold she did it out of money it had to be it sure wasnt his looks

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Is My Only Friend {PopEater}

Sep 11th 2010 4:56PM

i am sooooo sick of hearing angie and brad this angie and brad that its been 5 yrs soooo what they are acouple big deal andthe reason she has nooo friends with her big lips i would be afraid to be her friend i might get swallowed up and that is the only reason brad is with her anyways she can do the job if you get what i mean and as for jen she moved on she can do better then brad he isnt all that

Ryan O'Neal Opens Farrah Fawcett Foundation Cancer Research Center {PopEater}

Jun 27th 2010 4:56AM

mr daniggelis first off you are in correct about ryan o neal being farrahs husband he was he long time partner and as for anal sex what does that have to do with the way she died , cancer is cancer period its a worse thing to have and its very hard on loved ones watching what their love one is going through you cant do a dam thing and wishing it was you instead of them

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