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Teens Becoming Pregnant to Get on 'Teen Mom'? {PopEater}

Dec 7th 2010 10:48AM

Are you kidding me??? Give a BIRTH CONTROL shot to POOR girls???? What world do you live in??? Rich girls make the same mistakes; only they burden their family with the cost of raising a child! Calling them LITTLE PROSTITUTES is not the answer; you really need to be educated on the subject before you open your mouth.

'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged in Assault Against Former Fiance {PopEater}

Nov 18th 2010 2:43PM

I think it is sad what is going on with this family. I am so happy that something is finally being done about this. Amber needs a lot of help and so does Gary. No one should ever put their hands on another person NO MATTER WHAT! What I saw on MTV was shocking and it made me sick, but this goes on everyday and it never gets reported, I am just grateful that because of the show Leah has a chance at a normal life with people who love her and can show her how to love. I just hope that Amber learns from this and is held accountable for what she has done. I hope that a judge gets her the help she needs, but if she does not think that she has a problem then the cycle will continue, I hope that Leah is placed in a loving home or that Gary gets his act together and raises his daughter, because we all know that Amber can't without getting help. I'll be praying for the baby.

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