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Hugh Hefner: With Crystal Gone, 'Anna Is My Best Girl' {PopEater}

Jun 24th 2011 3:59PM

Hefner only loves himself...he missed the boat when he dissed Holly. He will die old alone and unloved by anyone but the old codgers who hang out at his mansion...oh yeah and millions upon millions of masturbators!!

Friends: CBS Can Beg, Charlie Is 'Never' Coming Back {PopEater}

Feb 25th 2011 11:35AM

Sheen probably has a morals clause in his contract and they kept him in spite of his conviction for beating his wife, his booze and drug fueled shenanigans and loss of teeth. The producers probably won't have to pay his contract. The show is funny but you can't publically get away with dissing your boss publically not once, but twice yesterday. The real power in Hollywood are the producers, not the hired help. As far as the crew is cncerned, they will follow Chuck Lorre to his next show, they will be taken care of. Sheen should be in jail or in a 90 day rehab along with Lindsay Lohan.

Source: Lohan Theft Is 'Clearly Visible' on Surveillance Video {PopEater}

Feb 24th 2011 11:36PM

it doesn't matter whether there was sound or not, she left the store with the necklace without paying for it. even if the sales clerk said she could, it's still theft, the clerk would have had no authority to give it, and by the description of the video, Lohan put the necklace on when the sales clerk was distracted. When there is a jewelry loan, usually there is paperwork involved. Lohan could not produce any receipt for the necklace. she's toast.

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