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Congressional Candidate Jack Davis Says Illegal Immigrants Should Be Replaced by Black Teens {BV Black Spin}

Mar 26th 2011 6:15PM

Its a meaningful idea ,presented in too blatant manner.Farm workers are desperately needed from the west to east coast all kinds of crops and land under cultivation needs tending, sometimes the wages today are not bad because there is a lack and documents are often necessary.Farm owners need to upgrade their facilities to attract workers. If you remember the depression and we are now in one farm labor saved American families,it can today. Youths and in particular young blacks in danger of drugs and guns could get a new perspective,be safe and healthy for a season and it couldn't hurt one bit.If you can't get the guns out the Hood ,at least get the older teens outta there. Get a new start before you get the wrong start.

Whoopi Goldberg Disgusted by Trump's Demands to See Obama's Birth Certificate {BV Black Spin}

Mar 26th 2011 1:27PM

Ms. Goldberg obviously might have handled this more tactfully,than resorting to insulting and dirty comments which may or may not have been directed at Mr. Trump.What is supposed to be a respectful commentary was completely degraded into insinuations of abject racism,which isn't the question.You may as well say that Obama is nearly as much Scotch Irish as Trump is as has been recently discovered,yes his cousins are Irish.They may as well be trying to prove his human genome by a DNA swab.

Congressman John Conyers Criticizes Obama, Wants Him to Be 'Better President' {BV Black Spin}

Mar 26th 2011 12:04PM

You forget,the President has also become a multimillionaire in fact the first year in office IRS public records reveal several million in gross profit,presumably from stock investments because the office itself does not pay quite this much.Still It alright when he do it.If Bush would have started attacking innocent civilians with drone missile strikes in Afganistan and ordered air attacks in Libya,believe people there would be severe repercussions from the community ,but when he do it ,it alright.Now we know what it is like for Bushs supporters to be blind to a fault to the very end no matter what.

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