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Kate Gosselin: Children 'Were Not Expelled,' Family Is 'Doing Wonderfully' {PopEater}

Dec 1st 2010 12:01PM

Geez... this oh poor me persona she plays is so old. I have bills in my purse right now that need to be payed, and I have no money to. Hhhmmm... it is amazing how she finds a way to get cosmetic enhancements done so she can stomp on Dancing With the Stars, and whatever new crap I see she has had done. Yeah dummy. You found a boy you could boss around, make fifty billion kids you can't afford, just to try and get famous. I feel sorry for you as much as I believe that the octodummy didn't get plastic surgery done to get rid of her saggy gut. These poor kids... lots of therapy in their future, and it ain't just about "divorce anger" b!

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