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David Beckham Plays Paparazzi With Wife Victoria (Photo) {PopEater}

Jul 8th 2011 8:32PM

She looks fine, but there is no way that is an unposed picture.

Hailee Steinfeld to Star in New 'Romeo and Juliet' Adaptation {Just So You Know}

Apr 9th 2011 5:17AM

Bieber has an asinine-sounding speaking voice. He can sing, but I would not want to have to listen to him talk in a movie.

Survey: 85 Percent of Women Annoyed by Facebook Friends' Postings {MyDaily}

Apr 6th 2011 12:04AM

Well, I have a bone to pick with Susan and the rest who are dissing FB and the people who are on it. FB has done amazing things for animal welfare and has saved countless lives. I advocate for dogs and cats on Pet Pardons and other sites...many people post abused animals and homeless animals and crosspost them all over the country and also in many other countries. This is NOT a waste of time, and it is NOT done by inane, insipid, lazy people. I just don't read posts that I think are trivial, but I don't whine and complain and carp about them either! No one is forcing you to read anything on there. I have lost several friends because of the dog advocating, but I do not care. Those people obviously were not my friends in the first place, and I know them in person, long before I ever got on FB. I will continue to advocate animals because the problem is severe and far worse than anyone can imagine. Why don't some of you whiners get on there and read about Patrick...The Patrick Miracle or some of the hundreds of other dogs and cats who are killed every single hour of every single day, either in a pound or tortured, or starved to death,...left without food and water. Those who are saved help with the pain of seeing what happens to those who aren't. FB may be a lot of things, but to many animals, FB has been their lifesaver, their chance to be loved and to be safe.

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