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'Jerry Springer': We Never Made Monetary Offer to Casey Anthony {PopEater}

Jul 8th 2011 7:16PM

There were other cards on the table, manslaughter was one, no death sentence with that.

Could Casey Anthony Judge, Belvin Perry, Be the Next Judge Judy? {PopEater}

Jul 6th 2011 10:23AM

Your an idiot and a racist, her bailiff is black and she does have blacks in her courtroom. Don't speak unless you know what you are talking about

Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children' {ParentDish}

Jun 21st 2011 2:06PM

I agree, I swatted my daughter when she was 14 years old for starting a fire in her room, long story, she told me that she was going to report me to the police and I said, hey they are on their way. She never said a word to them. If you allow them to threaten you, they will never respect you. My daughter was the most obnoxious, infuriating, teenager anyone could have had, but she is now a wonderful adult and says that she was glad I was tough on her because she may not have made it to 30 if I didn't. Yes there is a problem with kids in this generation; a 16 year old kid in our town totalled his new mustang, one car wreck, and he had a brand new mustang a week later. Go figure!!!! Parents nowadays, I think, pay off their kids thinking that is what they want and is easier, material things will never replace the quality time you spend with them. How many kids have killed their parents, siblings, other family members because they didn't get what they wanted. So sad our society is and what it is becoming is very scary.

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