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Foreclosure Victim Must Leave Hotel After 9-Year Stay, $29,000 Bill {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 15th 2013 3:30PM

I do not think you read this story. The gov't DID NOT pay $32,000 a year...She paid the $89 a day with her social security checks. I am not sure what the $29,000 bill is for. She can just look for another cheaper hotel and make a new home. I am not worried about her.

Squatters Organize Co-Op in 'World's Tallest Slum' {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 14th 2013 3:08PM

This is exactly what the US could use to house the homeless....but many of these. teapublicans visualize this exact scenario for America. right RYAN??????

Family Made Homeless by Hurricane Sandy Feels Victimized Again {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 10th 2013 2:40PM

This mold was there prior to this unfortunate family moving in. Get a lawyer. The landlord will forced to remediate this mold house. Do not say there as it will continue to grow and get worse. I know...I almost died from being exposed to black mold in an apartment. I was hospitalized for a while. Few points: NEVER live on the first floor of an apt. building, as mold is more prevalent in bottom units on the ground. Wash all the exposed clothes in HOT water and Borax. Everything needs to be cleaned. Remediation is the only way to fix this. Save this child's life. Please.

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