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Henry Winkler Refuses to Be Defeated By Dyslexia {PopEater}

Jul 7th 2011 12:46PM

God bless you Mr. Winkler.

Oprah's Dream Interview: A Confessing O.J. Simpson {PopEater}

Jun 17th 2011 1:49PM

The only reason OJ would agree to do it is because it would get him on TV and get him more press to satisfy his overbloated ego. He won't confess because he already has it set in his demented brain he did'nt do it. He would just enjoy the television exposure and think he's charming the pants off Oprah and all the staff. She will get no where with it...a waste of time.

Tatum O'Neal on Her Dad, Aging and Addiction {PopEater}

Jun 15th 2011 7:06PM

God bless you Tatum..I'm rooting for you.

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