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Relax, Sandra Bullock's Bang'n Look Is Temporary {PopEater}

Jan 17th 2011 9:48PM

Some of you are so mean on here. I've read "she needs to move on and quit with the sympathy stuff" or "I could see through her all along" I think she is strong and doing great. A broken heart can take a long time to heal and it's not our place to say when that should be. She is still being a good mother and not hiding under a rock and thats more than a lot of people could do so you may be tired of hearing about it...don't listen!or turn to a different page and stop reading the stuff! Personally, I pray that baby helps her get past it sooner. It wasnt a boyfriend she lost... it was her husband. Anyone who has ever been through that or helped someone close to you through it knows that pain hurts worse that any physical pain. Please keep that in mind when you talk about people. Thanks!

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