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Oscar Nominations: Who Got Dissed and Who Got Some Surprise Love {PopEater}

Jan 25th 2011 1:26PM

Oh, and Michael Douglas? Really?

He didn't have a chance of getting nominated at anything other than the Globes who are usually more focused on popularity and bankability rather than excellent performances. I'm glad he's feeling better, but Ruffalo was better, and The Kids are All Right was the better movie.

Oscar Nominations: Who Got Dissed and Who Got Some Surprise Love {PopEater}

Jan 25th 2011 1:22PM

For me the biggest crimes are Bardem of Gosling, and the lack of Garfield.

Not nominating Gosling is just inexcusable. He gave arguably the best male performance of the year. He was certainly better than Bardem, Bridges, and Eisenberg in any case. Especially since Williams got in for best actress, and I'm glad she did, she was excellent, but in the movie Williams had a hard time keeping up with Gosling. If someone told me only one of the two would be nominated, I would have said it would be Gosling.

As far as Garfield, I would have put him in instead of Renner. Hawkes was a surprise, but he did an excellent job. I thought Garfield was going to be a lock.

I really wanted Kunis to be nominated because I loved Black Swan, but I'm not terribly surprised she got left out. I figured Bonham Carter, Leo, and Adams were locks, and it would be a close race between Steinfeld, Weaver, and Kunis for the last two. Kunis just didn't make the cut.

I also wanted Nolan to be nominated, but I'm not terribly surprised about him being left out either. I figured it would be between him and the Coens.

Also not surprised about The Town getting left out. It was a good movie definitely, but it just didn't have anything special going for it. If it had came out last year I would be upset if it hadn't gotten in since there were several weak sports, but even with 10 entries this year, everyone else was too good for The Town to make the cut. Besides, they already put their box office smashes in the top 10 with The Social Network, Inception, and Toy Story 3. They didn't need to add another to get middle America to watch.

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