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Charlie Sheen Hospitalized, In Serious Condition {PopEater}

Jan 27th 2011 7:12PM

Ditto... can anyone say intervention, or are they all just waiting around for his last breath?! The man is in trouble and it doesn't seem as though he has a support network other than a huge bank account. I am a woman and I know that men behave badly, but only when they do not have a strong anchor. Is he that much of an a-hole for someone to truly step up to the job? Does he have no redeeming qualities you people who know him and raised him and lived with him? Porn stars and hookers?... the real men and women of his life (or absent from) share some blame for where he is today. Nature, or nuture?... it is a bit of both IMO and it seems he has not had the luck of either. What a bunch of wimps who supposedly love him will not step up and challenge this man! Wimps who only want a piece of the money pie and why he is acting out...IMO

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