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Common Craze at The White House {BV Newswire}

May 12th 2011 12:29AM
Words are like GOLD when you know their value. When they are used in negativity, they are like shattered glass....our globe is made up of beautiful spiritual people that hopefully will recall that Poetry is GOLD. Keep it that way...and Maya Angelou is missed...."STILL I RISE" is one of my favorites....namaste.

10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD {AOL Health}

Mar 22nd 2011 2:09AM

ADHD is very popular in America but go overseas to the poorest regions of Tibet or India and Africa and you will RARELY find ONE child being ordered by their Teachers to make sure the parents provide them their "meds" with Adderol or Ritlan. Do you know that Teachers and Schools benefit financially for EVERY child with this diagnosis? Did you know that children on a LIVING FOODS pure diet withOUT complex carbs, high sugar cereals and preservative foods and meats with hormones and antibiotics are actually going to have FOCUS. Children fed REAL living foods daily, and as well that start their day with REAL meditation of some form with an adult will grow up to never even know the words "ADHD" which has been created by the Western medical worlds to PROFIT $$$$$$$!!
Youth overseas are not on ANY pills and simply have the discipline to know there are NO drugs stores or any stores in their regions so living foods and meditation can erase any need for this diagnosis.

Did Lady Gaga Steal 'Born This Way' From Girl Group SNSD? {PopEater}

Mar 18th 2011 11:23PM

Lady Gaga is a name created by someone other than her, and her costumes maybe original or might not, her songs might sound like others and even her looks might remind you of another one moment or another...but guess what??? She is laughing her way to the bank, and the best bet is to learn from this business marketing dynamo at age 24 who has known since day one that if you WRITE SONGS FIRST FOR OTHER ARTISTS as she did, she is an artist, if you go to SCHOOL AND LEARN TO READ MUSIC you are an ARTIST and if you then go to the top after all that hard work, now you are NOT an artist??? Gaga is a true talented EDUCATED professional and those that slander her are just jealous...peace yall LGBT UP!
I would love GAGA to BUY ONE OF MY PUBLISHED LYRICS like others did for her....and let it be known GAGA has MY respect...alot!

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