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Taylor Swift And Her Cornrow Past {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 11th 2011 11:51AM

who cares about this talentless, tone deaf, ugly, conceited little snot. little teeny bopper girls are the only ones who like her. her shows are sold out to spoil little brats who's parents bought their tickets. she can laugh all the way to the bank if she wants, she still sucks.

'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Driving 'About 130 MPH' When He Crashed {PopEater}

Jun 22nd 2011 11:30AM

is your training bra on too tight?

Hefner Finds His Rebound Girl: Anna Sophia Berglund {PopEater}

Jun 20th 2011 2:27PM

what a surprise, he is with a carbon copy of every other bimbo he's been with. fake blond, fake boobs, fake everything, all look the same barbie dolls. yawn.......

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