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Nate Berkus Puts NYC Apartment On the Market for $699,000 (House of the Day) {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 26th 2013 7:56AM

wtf? Drink some coffee, then read the "real estate" section again. You make no sense.

Elin Nordegren Bulldozed $12 Million Mansion Due to Bugs {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 11th 2012 5:42AM

AAAH, Swedish Supermodel. She was a very attractive nanny. It's hard to believe anything in this article when they can't even get something so simple right. PS So what, it was her house, she can do what she wants with it.

Ex Miss Universe, NBA star wed in secret {Celestrellas}

Dec 26th 2011 9:37PM

$280.00 cash for the genius who can get the IP address for "steve" and post it. No joke, you'll get the money to whatever name you say, from paypal or western union.

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