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Brad and Angelina's Strict Nanny Requirements {PopEater}

Apr 20th 2011 1:43AM

Pls. hire me, I am an RN, would love to travel!!Just for the experience, hey, they can afford to pay well educated "nannies" and why not, better be safe than sorry since they do have a very hectic and unconventional life style. Kids learn more when they travel! I applaud Brad and Angelina for adopting needy kids in different culture! Sort of like the UN family!!

World's Ugliest Hotels {AOL Travel News}

Mar 8th 2011 9:22AM

I just came from Singapore and was at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it is an awesome feat of
architecture and engineering, it is just mind blowing! It is weird at first look if you are so used to the boxy boring, conventional structures! KUDOS to Singapore, for all the builders and designers! I admire your vision to be unparalleled in the world world!!! VIVA SINGAPORE!!!

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