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Obama: Another Disappointing Black Politician? {BV Black Spin}

Jun 22nd 2011 11:18AM

I am so tired of Cornell and the rest of the tea baggers. If it walks like a duck and quackes like a duck - it is a duck. Just because he is a "black man" does not mean he has our best interest at heart by bringing up all the things that Obama has not fixed in this sick country he inherited. The last word is not his alone, there are other forces at work in our government and they are very powerful. The reason we are still shattered is because everytime there is a uniting force, along comes a judas in the midst. Now by saying that I don't by any means think that Obama is perfect in his actions or even close to solving the horrendous conditions of unemployment and racial equality in this country - but he is the only black man who has succeded in getting to that seat and we owe it to ourselves to elect him for a second term.

Please email in support of getting a black news program.

Treatment Can Stop HIV/AIDS in its Tracks {Blackvoices Main}

Jun 12th 2011 9:12AM

Alicia and Beyonce are lovely talented and charitable giving young ladies. However Beyonce cannot give enough of her time and money to erase the unhealthy physical images she portrayes in her videos. Much damage is done to young girls by her images and please don't say children should not watch, we all know they do.

Morgan Freeman Honored at Star-Studded Tribute {PopEater}

Jun 12th 2011 8:12AM

This man is a pediphile, he was sleeping with his step granddaughter for years and was planning to marry her. Because of her age he had to be molesting her when she was very young. He is an actor who has played many parts and thinks of himself as a god. I don't watch any of his works anymore he makes me sick.

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