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Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags {Gadling}

Jun 8th 2011 4:03AM

I don't know if how many of you noticed, but in the video, the soldier that shot the video seemed at the verge of tears at the end! I was almost in tears for him! This guy is coming back to the US, after putting his life on the line to protect his country and our freedom, yet he is being charged $200 to bring his weapons bag back into the US! These are the very weapons that he used to protect himself while fighting for the US! He seemed very hurt about it, rather than mad. His first experiences coming back home to the US, and this is what he will remember. No appreciation or gratitude. I think it is beyond low! Shame on Delta! Delta made a statement that they will look further into this situation? As far as I'm concerned, and I'll bet every other American will agree, there is NOTHING to look into! Give the money back to the soldiers who are returning back to the US from WAR! They should not have to pay a cent for any baggage! These men were not forced to go and fight for our freedoms/etc. They chose to sign up and do this for our country! Show them some respect and gratitude! Delta should not only give them their money back, but to show them some appreciation, and to make up for this injustice, Delta should give them all complimentary flights for themselves, and their wives and children, to use for a much deserved vacation! This country does not honour our military the way they should, and it's a disgrace!

Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Jennifer Hudson Drama: 'Everybody Was Mad' {PopEater}

May 9th 2011 1:26PM

It's more than obvious, according to the article, that Jennifers return flight to Chicago was DELAYED because of the weather! It was not that she was being a no show on purpose. There is nothing she can do if flights get canceled because of weather. Not even the mighty Oprah can control the weather. Things like this do happen, OPRAH! It's called life! Not everything in life always goes the way you want it to. Oprah's behind has been kissed for so many years, that when something happens and Oprah does not get her way or things don't go the way she want's them to, she has a temper tantrem! This is from her own words from this article. Oprah said, "Tactful editing went into what otherwise might have been a bleep-filled episode." That means she was having a temper tantrum, and cursing so much that everything she said had to be edited out of the episode, or if it had aired everything she said would have been bleeped out! Oprah really thinks the world revolves around her, and when it doesn't she has a fit!

Lady Gaga Says No To Weird Al Yankovic's 'Born This Way' Parody {PopEater}

Apr 20th 2011 5:38PM

Get over yourself GAGA! You should have felt honoured that he wanted to use your song. Have a sense of humor! Everything he said in his parody was true. What are you actually ashamed that you wear those outfits that he describes in his song? Cause all he does is explain the outfits that you have worn! Al has parodied lots of huge artists, like Michael Jackson and Madonna, who are much bigger than GAGA will ever be! Michael Jackson's song "Beat It" was parodied into "Eat It" and MJ thought it was so funny! I think your parody of "I Was Born This Way" Weird Al was verry funny and well done! Hopefully GAGA will get over herself and change her mind!

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