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Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 6th 2013 11:11AM

Take back the HOA board when the election comes up and repeal these rules and it the Management company say NO fire them. HOA are just another level of Government Most case the Stricter the rules the More homes allowed HOAs are a Scam Most HOA board members are wannabe NAZIS

'Undercover Boss' Todd Ricketts Plays Ball with the Chicago Cubs {AOL Jobs}

Nov 8th 2010 4:28PM

Undercover Spoiled Brats more like it

Burning Reggie Bush Won't Put Out NCAA Fires {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Sep 18th 2010 12:38PM

Yeah be honest have a farm league system like Baseball and Hockey

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