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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 8th 2012 9:07AM

I don't think all the facts are there. Were there a lot of cars all up and down the street? Were they loud? I so think that he is right, that if they were holding any other gathering, football, poker, etc., they wouldn't have said anything. It is true, he could have held these gatherings elsewhere, but should he have to do this? As for the city's concern about exits, that sounds like they're just trying to come up with something to charge him with. Should he have to serve jail time? Really? As for you atheist haters, and the one who said, "Don't tell me faith.", that is what believing in Christ is all about. I wouldn't dare argue with you because I couldn't win because you have to have proof. Believing in God is about faith. It must be very sad and isolating to not believe in anything. It sounds you've made a religion out of attacking Christians with a lot of hatred and wanting us not to believe and calling the Bible manure. l have definitely had times in my life in which God helped me and intervened. Also, where is your support system when times are rough or someone dies? It jsut has to be a miserable existance to believe that this is the end and you're alone in this world.

The battle of leaning towers: Germany wins {Gadling}

Feb 11th 2012 11:16AM

There was a crooked man who had a crooked house. He had a crooked wife and a crooked mouse and they all lived together in a crooked little house.

Romancing the Runway | Model-Actor Couples {StyleList (Main)}

Aug 2nd 2011 2:36AM

They used to be young,too. Everyone gets old. You can't escape it so stop putting people down because they don't live up to your standards. You will get older, too. If you will look at old movies or pictures, Warren Beatty was a hunk as well as Richard Gere when they were younger. I think Gere is pretty well preserved.

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