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Too Much Adulation as Woods Contends {Fanhouse - Jay Mariotti}

Apr 10th 2010 11:25AM

My husband and myself grew up in the Augusta, Ga. area. Please, people. Augusta is not a bunch of slow, speaking and dumb witted rednecks. Tiger means money to an area where big government decisions in Washington, DC has destroyed the economy. An area that once was supported by the Savannah River Plant, processing mills and other industries are now past memories. It is their religion and their southern way of life that keeps them hopeful and always rebuilding for the children to come. The area may be down but never out. They truly know John 4:20 "for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen". Love means forgiveness and moving forward with new hope. Not holding grudges and acting like your "glass house" is made of Lexan. So,may the first one without guilt throw the stone and that includes the sports writers. Now do I think that what Tiger did was right, no. But who can say what any one of us would do with that kind of money and power. I know I would like to think I would be charitable, kind, and act as a Christian should at all times. Excuse me, I had to staighten my halo. But please, do not make the people of Augusta to be the villians here. They would invite you on their porches and share a glass of sweet tea while asking "How ya been?". And they would really want to know!

Five Infidelity Victims Offer Advice for Sandra Bullock {PopEater}

Mar 22nd 2010 11:38PM

I was cheated on in my first marriage and found a great guy in my second. It is never fair to the kids, period. Sometimes I wonder if it is because so many want something they think they don't have or are not getting. Grass is always greener and we can always feel sorry for ourselves because society tells us we deserve more. The Apostle Paul tells us we need to learn to be happy where we are in life. Just because we think our lives will be better if we just jump to the greener side, is usually a falsehood. A little more money, fame or sex with someone other than our spouse does not bring happiness. Jesse was obviously looking for something he thought would bring him pleasure/happiness or boost his ego, instead it screwed up what could of been the best time of his entire life with Sandra and his children. God Bless the children, Sandra and yes, Jesse. They all need healing.

Michael Vick Fined $10K for Each Bird {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Nov 29th 2006 4:47PM

I believe that athletes should be like any other employee of a company. He should be suspended without pay for how many times he displayed the inappropriate action and then fired if it happens again. No, ifs, ands or buts!
Dignity and grace are not the words that define our athletes today, and it has become the same with our youth. Owners and coaches need to step up to a higher standard and leave the trash in the trash! Too many talented young people would gladly step up and take their place.

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