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Pippa Gaining Ground on Top Baby Name List in 2011 {ParentDish}

Jul 27th 2011 11:32PM

When I was in HS (1984), Emily, Emma, Evelyn, were about the worse names a girl could have! Really. Now it is popular, but in 25 years, who knows? It is stupid to imagine that your "unique" kid will always be a child with the great, trendy name you stuck them with. Grow up parents! Actually, nobody really cares what you name your kid. In about 15 years or less there will be Madisons everywhere!! It won't be unique, it'll be quite funny.

Jennifer Aniston Snuggles Up to New Man, Justin Theroux (Photo) {PopEater}

Jun 23rd 2011 12:41AM

Another source close to Aniston said: "Jen would never hook up with a guy who has a girlfriend."

hahahaha - that's Exactly what Angie said! They said Theroux's girlfriend of 14 years was devastated. She moved out of their house the next day. Now a nice cover-up to protect Sweet Jen.
Nice going Jen.
Ya, and what's up with her hair?

'Green Mile' Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, Marries Aspiring Singer, 16 {PopEater}

Jun 20th 2011 3:09PM

Maybe he has the mind of a 16 year old. He looks really old too in that photo. I was a baby at 16 - this girl must be something else! Men who think that they themselves appear younger by being with a younger "woman" are pathetic - it only makes them appear older and desparate. I guess the younger woman is desparate in a lot of cases too when she has to marry a man 16 or 30 years older!

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