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Natalie Portman: Her Evolution From Eerily Mature Child Star to Girlish Grown-Up {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 4th 2010 4:52PM

I've been associated with the entertainment industry for well over a quarter of a century; I've seen way too many "rising stars" quickly lose their glow because they believed their own PR. I wish this young lady all the very best; we need more examples like her. Hmmm. Maybe I am partial to the name Natalie as in "Wood" and, indeed my own precious daughter. And yes, I am the author of the nonfiction book Citizen Spy that deals heavily with the Mafia's former influences in that industry.

Paul Allen's Tatoosh Yacht For Sale {Luxist}

May 6th 2010 4:16PM

Frances, I can tell you have a huge heart and I wish our world was filled with folks like you. Unfortunately, it's not. I was born and raised at the very bottom of the ladder and raised by a divorced mother who never finished school. I though Chef Boy-ar-Dee spaghetti in a can was a treat. But both my brother and I worked our way through school before joining the military. We earned our GI Bill to help us through college. He died in the line of duty as a law enforcement officer. I used my hard-earned education to earn every dime .... the only reason I mention this is to say we were no silver-spoon brats. However, we were lucky enough to be born in this nation; yet I constantly read about the "poor" folks in America who live for generations on the taxes the more wealthy, more fortunate - or what folks like myself pay. Excusing the physically or mentally challenged, there is no reason to live off the taxes of others, especially those "unwed mothers" who bear more than one child without benefit of marriage. I would support a law where every single able-bodied persoin who needs welfare MUST perform tasks that make this world a tad bit better. As for the remainder of the world - and I have traveled extensively - I would look to their governments to solve their problems. Who has ever sent food aide to the USA? Anyway, I am so glad there are folks like you out there. Gives me hope.

A Non-Judge for the Supreme Court? Most Americans Say 'No' {Politics Daily}

May 1st 2010 8:33PM

Someone who sits in "judgement" of the law damned well had better be someone who has experience in weighing both sides to legal issues. Is this administration and the Dems totally lost their minds? I am a free voter; I cast my votes according to logic, experience, and integrity.

No, I did not vote for Obama; when compared to McCain he had zero experience and wasn't man enough or patriotic enough to bother serving in our Armed Forces .... so I don't trust a damned thing this man says or does.

As for my fellow voters; stop puckering up and use common sense - plus read some history. McCain suffered horrible pain for years in captivity while serving at the direction of our presidents; what "suffering" or "service" has Obama offered? Nada. So how the hell can he even think of naming a non-judge to the highest court in this nation? This guy is dangerous.

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