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Glenn Close Denounces Navy Captain Using Her in Offensive Video {PopEater}

Jan 5th 2011 11:09AM

Glenn Close is offended by this? Hollywood puts out more offensive, less entertaining, and in worst taste entertainment than this stuff. This is 2010 not 1940!

Mouse Control, the Humane Way {DIY Life}

Dec 30th 2010 8:02AM

I get mice every winter once it starts to get cold. Bought a ferret and while he was alive had no mouse problem at all. He left his scent along the edge of the walls and they wouldn't venture in. Those few that did ended up in a stash of mummified mice I found hidden under my storage bench the year after he died. I do miss the little guy! Never missed the damn mice!

'Justified' Season 2 Gets Premiere Date {AOL TV}

Dec 22nd 2010 2:09PM

Justified can be considered a modern day western, Raylin Givens is the Dirty Harry of Kentucky. Should be a great show, created by fellow metro Detroiter Elmore Leonard who writes both westerns and crime stories. Leonard once said the only difference between the two kinds of stories was that the High Noon gunfight might take place on a downtown street. The stories and Olyphant should continue to shine this second season.

I hate most remakes of movies or TV shows, but I would vote for Tim Olyphant as the next Dirty Harry!

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