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A Message From the Team {Portalblog}

Dec 21st 2012 10:03AM

We need to meet Force with Force. Just like putting an air marshall on every flight. How many hijackings have we had since we put armed air marshalls on every flight? Let me answer that question for you......ZERO.... Everyone, no matter if you are a gun owner or if you are against guns, knows that large aseemblies, churches, schools, concerts, etc is a prohibited place to carry your gun, so when some CRAZY (mentally ill) person wants to 'go balisitic' they just go where the vulnerable people are. We need to change, we need to have armed security at all these places and publicize that we are doing so. The armed forces train a lot of soldiers to use guns, they train them to know who the treat is and then they become unemployed veterans when they get out of the service. These Vets should be hired to be the security in all the schools across America, and every where else there is a large assembly of vulnerable people. And put them in plain clothes so they don't become targets themselves.

98-Year-Old's Birthday Surprise: Eviction Notice From Her Son {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 17th 2012 6:02PM

Something is not right about this story. Peter took the house 6 years ago and nobody said anything??? What about his brother? How can you quit claim a property out of a living trust? Peter was in charge of that trust. Sounds like something illegal transpired to me. This lady should sue the Living Trust for mismanagement.

I have 9 brothers and sisters that I call 'The numbskull 9" who are constantly trying to screw with my mom and dad who are 87 and 90 respectively. I have to keep on my toes to stop them from all the stuff they are pulling. I would advise this lady to get some free legal help through the Council on Aging (usually free for those over 60 years old). Mary, Jack, fight the good fight, don't give up. And Mary, why don't you change your trust and make Jack in charge of the Living Trust? Mary, you better get it in your head that Peter and his wife are THE ENEMY and they WILL do this to you. They're pigs. We can only hope someone does this to them someday.

Home Sellers Step In Where Banks Fear to Tread {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 28th 2011 9:19AM

This is exactly what America needs more of. The government and the banks are just not the answer anymore, they are old school. Land of the Free and the Brave. Let's fix this economy ourselves and let them go under.

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