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Sarah Ferguson in Tears After Queen's Royal Snub {PopEater}

Feb 21st 2011 12:56PM

yeah invite that slime ball Kanye West so he can insert his foot into his mouth a 2nd time over Fergie....what is wrong with Prince William and what the hell is he even thinking. Already I'm not looking forward to this wedding. Maybe boys are mroe like dad then beautiful Diana....and no one can ever take her place....not even Kate.

Loyal Friend Chelsea Handler Calls Angelina Jolie a 'Homewrecker' {PopEater}

Dec 6th 2010 3:58PM

Jenifer needs to get over Brad and move on with her life and quit acting like a victim even though Anjolina did infact manipulate Brad and stole her husband. Brad does have a mind also even though its not working properly so can't totaly blame Brad and J on A.

Best Vanilla Ice Cream: Our Taste Test Results {Slashfood}

Aug 27th 2010 5:19PM

Breyers is is Hagen Daz..lots of hype but no banana from me. Breyers taste to me like ice cyrstals/ice milk.....not creamy and ice cream Hag is too dense masks the flavor. I like Bruesters Vanilla Ice Cream the best... (maybe cause its made and eaten almost immediately.

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