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'Idol' Castoff Pia Toscano: A Record Deal Already? {PopEater}

Apr 9th 2011 2:38PM

Pia had a beautiful voice, but no entertainment value. On stage, she was lifeless and looked liked she didn't know where to go next. AI is about entertainment value, not just about a beautiful voice. Pia was too confident and didn't put any showmanship into her performances, thinking she was going to get by on her voice alone. I highly doubt her records will sell very much and she'll be about as remembered in a year as all of the other runner-ups. She needs to learn to be visually entertaining as well as audible.

Ellison to Use Thomas Jefferson's Koran {AOL Elections Blog}

Jan 3rd 2007 10:23PM

The last time I checked, this was AMERICA. Founded on FREEDOM. DIVERSITY. Rights for ALL, regardless of race, religion or background. A melting pot. HOW DARE anyone be racist in this country?? I APPLAUD this senator-elect for wanting to swear in on HIS faith, and I cry FOUL to anyone who says the christian bible isn't JUST as bad with its racism, incest, demands of murdering other races and slavery. FOUL to those who say the bible is love and truth and the Koran is hate and vile. If you bother checking the bible, the god of that bible commands the Israelites to DESTROY other races, incest was common, slavery was the norm, and women were treated like property to be sold. Neither book is any better than the other. This is NOT a christian nation, it is a FREE nation, where ALL people's religion is respected or ignored if that is your desire. This man deserves to have HIS freedom to be sworn in on HIS faith, a faith that is NO DIFFERENT in hate, racism and sexism than the bible. I prefer to say both books simply call for their followers to stick together, to worship their god and their god only, and to be true to themselves. The very word 'gentile' in the christian bible meant 'heathen'.
HOW DARE anyone get on a pedistle here in AMERICA and start whining and complaining about ANOTHER AMERICAN wanting to excersize HIS freedom and right to choose. SHAME ON YOU.

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