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'Cloud' Twin Towers: Design Insults 9/11 Victims, Critics Say {AOL Real Estate}

Dec 12th 2011 8:51PM

You're all a bunch of jackasses that feed right into the media's hand. You epress all this outrages at "all the people creating a fuss". It's the media seeing the building, THEM seeing some sort of resemblance (& an opportunity for some kind of controversial story).... so they write this crap about a bunch of "people" creating a fuss. 99% of this crap is made up out of thin air by the media,,, & all you people getting so worked up about it is WHY they do this type of thing & post it onto some cheap outlet like AOL

Too Much Adulation as Woods Contends {Fanhouse - Jay Mariotti}

Apr 10th 2010 4:34PM

AOL... nice job guys.... stooping to such lows like this. Why would they ever hire a jerk like Marrioti to expres their views? But then again, most people feel about AOL the same way they do about Marrioti

Megan Fox in Sexy Emporio Armani Underwear Ad Campaign {StyleList (Main)}

Jan 12th 2010 7:23PM

These "blogs" beneath every article on the internet are the most pathetic deal going. Losers who actually think others are reading their self-righteous comments they type out. What a joke! GET A LIFE>>> EVERYONE!!!!!

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