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Dennis Hopper's Divorce-Torn Daughter Missed Funeral {PopEater}

Jun 8th 2010 8:27AM

People seem to not even be seeing the main point: Whether a seven (7) year old child should even be attending a funeral. It's not the father's age that mattered, but the child's. Personally I don't believe a child of that age is capable of understanding what it's like to be dead, to see a person in a coffin, or to watch a coffin be lowered into the ground or crypt. The child could have benefited from a eulogy and memorial. To hear all of the wonderful things others would say about her father. But for a child that young (especially one who wasn't extremely close to her father) to see their parent lying dead in a coffin? Definitely not.

AOL Mystery Flyer: United Airlines Report Card {AOL Travel News}

May 23rd 2010 10:26PM

This mystery flier is such a dolt. Although she says she is trying to assess the airlines and their personnel, she goes out of her way to ask an inordinant amount of questions, plus additional services the average flyer isn't going to be concerned with. She's more of a pest and an irritant, but to be tolerated. Were I an FA, I'd treat her professionally and courteously, but hope she sits her a$$ down and shuts the F up. Quite the way to ruin a flight for everyone else on the plane. What a nag and a hag.

Jay-Z Sues Red Sox's David Ortiz Over 40/40 Club {PopEater}

Apr 16th 2010 10:05PM

Jay-Z doesn't have a leg to stand on with this law suit. What a greedy child.

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