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Tinkerbell Too Sexy? Parents Worry Toys Too Hot for Kids {ParentDish}

Mar 10th 2011 6:39AM

"Girls don't naturally want to be sexy"? Bull! Girls want to do whatever Mom does...including feeling stylish and beautiful. And there is nothing wrong with that. Feeling sexy and confident is a great feeling that every female should get to enjoy.

But the simple truth is that people pay attention to pretty little girls. Children notice stuff like that, even if as adults we are so accustomed to our value system that we aren't even aware of it anymore. Does it really make you mad when someone says your little girl is pretty?

It's the parents' responsibility (NOT society's) to monitor a child's development and help them assimilate adult characteristics in a safe and comfortable way. Smart parents see Tink's appearance as an opportunity to start a discussion with their kids about looks and values that hopefully will continue throughout childhood and adolescence. You could talk about how Tink is pretty, but she's also brave and loyal and not afraid to speak her mind. Looks only define us if we let them :)

Elderly New York Couple Kicked Off Ship After Fight {AOL Travel News}

Oct 6th 2010 2:15PM

The woman never actually says she didn't physically threaten the other passenger. It's implied that because of her size it shouldn't matter.

'Raising Sextuplets' Dad, Bryan Masche, Arrested {PopEater}

Sep 20th 2010 10:04AM

Human beings are not meant to have litters for good reason. If people are so selfish that they would risk overpopulating our world with their own DNA rather than adopt one of the many already-living children who are in desperate need of caring parents and a stable home...they deserve a smack, not a reality show.

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