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Monserrate Shirley, Indianapolis Homeowner Whose House Exploded, Bereft Over Tragedy {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 14th 2012 8:01PM

God bless her! I can't imagine how responsible she must feel but fact is, she isn't to blame. It was a tragic accident! I hope they find out what happened and the neighbors apologize to her.

Coyotes in Abandoned Florida Mansion Have Neighbors on Edge {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 1st 2012 12:33PM

Sandy? First of all, you might want to check your spelling before you post and who are you to call anyone idiotic? Look in the mirror, hun!

Justin Bieber's New Album Due Out 'Early Next Year' {Just So You Know}

Oct 22nd 2011 4:57PM

Well it's not bad but should be done in private, not on public while everyone is watching. It shows a lack of respect for her and a lack of self respect!

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