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Welcome to the Whitest Oscars in Ten Years {PopEater}

Jan 28th 2011 11:39AM

ogunsiron--so off topic and wrong. There is very little representation of ALL Minorities (not just blacks). Blacks seem to stand out by virtue of skin pigmentation. Minority is anyone not European (white) ancestry.

Welcome to the Whitest Oscars in Ten Years {PopEater}

Jan 26th 2011 7:11PM

Our world is full of minorities, yet in the media minorities seem to disappear off the screen/pages. There should be an equal representation of minorities in the media representative of real life. Minorities have a lot of spending power, if they withheld spending maybe advertisers and those in media would notice and act to represent. Showing minorities is real light (not just in service industry (police, social worker..and, or criminal arena) could help reduce racial barriers (but, them maybe that why minorities are depicted they way they are). Another issue is "which" minorities are selected to represent their ethnic group. There seems to be a 'water shedding" of the minority actors selected by the media. People would like to see in the media people who are reflective (I want see a similar person in the media as I might see when I observe myself in the mirror). It is very disheartening to see this in magazines (notice in major magazines there are very (if, any) blacks shown in House Beautiful, Gourmet or Met Home, etc.... Minorities should not have to look to minority themed magazines to see themselves or wait for minority media personnel/venues to reach out to them. All of this on encourages separatism. We are supposed to be one Nation.

Christmas Movies You've Never Seen: 13 Underrated Classics {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 24th 2010 10:34PM

Some of these are great movies, but my favorite to watch are 'The Thin Man" series and Another great movie is "Arsenic and Old Lace" to watch over the holidays. It is sad that yesterday's movies are better to watch today than most current movies. Those movies had a plot that enthralled you and kept you interested throughout the entire movie. Every time I watch 'The Miracle of Morgan's Creek' I laugh when Trudie is told what happen when stuck out of the house and in 'Christmas in Connecticut' Elizabeth writes about her Christmas dinner, I can not only envision it, but I find myself wanting that dinner in 'her house' in Connecticut.

Other great movies to watch are 'Here Comes Mr. Jordan' and 'Harvey'.

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