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Foreclosure Victim Must Leave Hotel After 9-Year Stay, $29,000 Bill {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 15th 2013 10:45AM

I thought I had heard everything, But this tops the list. Why did the Hotel let it go on for so long, and at $89.00 per day/night, UNREAL

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 6th 2013 2:21AM

Screw the HOA. They think they are above the law. I am so happy we do not have the HOA here. And the Owners have the places looking good. The Hell with the HOA.

Steve Salton's Tigers, Leopards at His Home Are Dragging Down Home Values, Neighbors Say {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 9th 2013 12:30PM

I do not have a problem with him, But I would have went to the Country, Where the area is very open. I love just about all Cats. But there is a place for everthing. I can understand why people do not want this in their neighborhood. I also love Pitbulls, But a lot of people do not And some places they are allowed

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